Junior Software Developer

Based in Scotland



Codefluorite.com (2023)

I have been interested in web design for over 20 years. I can code in HTML, CSS, basic PHP and Javascript.Codefluorite.com was developed using Bootstrap and Sass for the wordpress CMS.

Image source: https://proclaimdeveloperblog.wordpress.com/2017/05/03/proclaim-3-3-1-upgrade-first-thoughts/

Proclaim development (2022)

In my current role at a business water supplier and retailer I have developed the Proclaim software for the legal department.I am competent with the following:

  • Database maintenance.
  • Screen designer
  • Table creation and XML scripting
  • Template maintenance
  • Import/Export jobs
  • Basic Math coding.

Key skills: Tech 1, 2, 3 and 4 training. Alteryx workflow creation and maintenance. XML scripting.

Soil erosion detection along gas pipelines using remote sensing (NERC funded) (2021)

My MSc thesis was funded by NERC. I used public available data to map areas of potential soil erosion along gas pipelines as a method of pipeline failure prevention.

Key skills: Sentinel-1 remote sensing, Esri ArcGisPro, long term rainfall monitoring, statistics, and R coding.

NCAS Introduction to Data Science (2018)

This course uses cf-python and cf-plot installed in a Linux environment and uses Jupyter notebook for execution of data and plots.Topics included:

  • Importing and reading information inside NetCDF files.
  • Extracting specific dates from a dataset.
  • Creating plots from selected information in a dataset.
  • Creating contour plots.
  • Regridding information.
  • Applying and altering colour scales to the plot data.

Key skills: Linux, Python, Jupter Notebook, and NetCDF data extraction.

Detecting the source of dust emissions in the Mallee region of Australia (2017)

The purpose of my Masters research project was to detect the source points of dust activity in the Malle region of Australia. It was noted that this region was a source of dust emissions that can affect the health of citizens in the area and as far as Sydney and Melbourne.

I use Esri ArcGIS and SQL